App Store Story: Copy and Paste for Power Users

Apple News   |   01/13/2020 - 12:03pm   |   by Kosztalma   |   223
13. jan App Store Story: Copy and Paste for Power Users

With iOS 11 Apple revamped the App Store app with a Today tab which contains interesting stories about apps that got Apple’s attention.

In case you forgot to check the App Store, we sometimes show you some apps you shouldn’t miss. Today’s story is called Copy and Paste for Power Users and it introduces us to the Copied application. Let’s get right in!

Copied keeps your most-used images, GIFs, and text snippets a few taps away—whether you’re on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac.

You can already copy and paste among all of your iOS and Mac OS devices, but Copied goes a step further, letting you save and access up to 1,000 items that you’ve copied to your clipboard. Best of all, you can easily access any of these snippets using an iPhone or iPad widget, or a menu bar item on your Mac.

Add the Copied widget for even faster access to all your text snippets and images.

Adding an image, text, or URL to your Copied clipboard is simple: On your iPhone or iPad, just copy as you normally would and launch the Copied app. Or highlight the item, then select “Share...” and “Save to Copied. (On Mac, everything you copy to your clipboard is imported automatically in the background for you to sort, organize, or delete later.

You can download Copied by clicking here.

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