App Store Story: All penguins welcome

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14. jan App Store Story: All penguins welcome

With iOS 11 Apple revamped the App Store app with a Today tab which contains interesting stories about apps that got Apple’s attention.

In case you forgot to check the App Store, we sometimes show you some apps you shouldn’t miss. Today’s story is called All penguins welcome and it introduces us to the Penguin Isle game. Let’s get right in!

Wanted: adventurous penguins to start a new life on a chilled-out iceberg called Penguin Isle.

Right now, there’s only one penguin living on this floating mass of ice, and this resident could really do with some pals.

Supplies of fish are plentiful here – it’s the heart of the Antarctic, after all. The designated fishing spot is where you can reel in your catch.

Fishing also boosts the amount of gold in the isle’s pot – this gold is important as it means this icy kingdom can expand with cool new habitats, like a flower garden, an albatross nest and an igloo camp.

Penguin Isle is really going to flourish with the arrival of new penguins. There’s even an amusement park in the works – what a thrill that will be!

The new habitats will be the perfect place for a wide variety of penguin species. Everyone from the empire to the Adélie is welcome here. It’s an ideal environment for hatchlings to grow up and you’ll be free to waddle about, groom your feathers and roll snowballs.

There are lots of fun activities waiting for you too, like taking photos with the underwater camera – dive in for a refreshing icy dip to see what’s going on underneath the isle. On Penguin Isle we value relaxing days and a zen space for everyone.

We hope you’ll join us on Penguin Isle, the Antarctic’s finest frozen residence.

You can download Penguin Isle by clicking here.

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