Samsung, the textbook example for double standards: the Korean phonemaker silently removed their ads mocking Apple for ditching the headphone jack

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10. aug Samsung, the textbook example for double standards: the Korean phonemaker silently removed their ads mocking Apple for ditching the headphone jack

They were really proud of them not removing the port, but times change, I guess.

Samsung’s marketing campaigns in the recent years had a staple part, in which they pretty much mocked Apple for decisions that the marketing department deemed fit for some good old-fashioned ridiculing. The company had a whole video campaigns highlighting the notch, the battery life, and most importantly, the removal of the 3.5 millimeter headphone jack. Not just them, their whole fanbase loved telling everyone how stupid it was that you can’t charge your phone while listening to music with headphones (which, besides being something that you actually don’t do almost at all, can be easily absolved by using wireless headphones, wireless chargers or other wonders of the 21st century). They didn’t just target Apple, since a lot of manufacturers followed Apple’s path of leaving off the jack, so almost the whole industry became a target for Samsung fanboy’s taunting.

What gives, Samsung also ditched the headphone jack. They debuted their new flagship smartphones in New York, the Galaxy Note 10 and the Galaxy Note 10+, which – curiously enough – don’t have headphone jacks. Nor SD card slots. Two of the most important reasons, why a lot of people bought Samsung phones. This is pretty much the same decision Apple made a couple of years ago, when they decided that the iPhone 7 will only feature a Lightning port, and nothing else. Samsung saw a great opportunity in this at the time, so they began their campaign.



First, the Korean company mocked the iPhone 7 for not having wireless charging, and also mocked the iPhone X’s notch, lack of headphone jack and other things in their Note 8 ads. After that came the best part. They launched their ’Ingenious’ ad campaign (referring to Apple’s in-store workers who go by the name of Geniuses), all of which consisted of picking something the iPhone didn’t had/did differently than Samsung’s devices, than making fun of it for the entirety of a video – showing how Samsung did everything better than Apple. Of course, they dedicated a separate video for the headphone jack, showing how the bored-to-death Apple Store employee explains how you need dongles for every basic task. I’m not saying they lied with their ads, I’m just trying to emphasize that they don’t care about manners or sportsmanship, when it comes to marketing.



And here comes the funny part. The Galaxy Note 10 came out, it didn’t had a headphone jack. The company told some story about how they couldn’t fit it into the phone because of the stylus, but nobody really cared about that. Samsung fans were angry, Apple fans were just laughing in the dark. But Samsung didn’t just do that. They didn’t just mock everyone for years for something that they did eventually. No. They removed the ads regarding the jack. Quietly, hoping that nobody would notice. Well, the internet always notices.



I’m not salty because they were mocking Apple and the others for so long. Apple is by far not perfect, and I also get angry at them from time to time, because the american phonemaker also does a lot of stupid/illogical things. I’m not even mad at Samsung for removing their jack from their phones, because I never really cared about them at the first place. I’m mad because they thought that they could get away with a behavior that just leaves a bad taste in everyone’s mouth who love smartphones and technology.

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