Do you know who else misses the Home button? Donald Trump

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29. oct Do you know who else misses the Home button? Donald Trump

The President of the United States thinks that it was way better in the good old days, when we didn’t have to unlock our phones with that pesky Swipe.

Donald Trump, the President of the United States was always notorious for saying everything he thinks out loud, and his favourite place for some text-based chaos is - of course - Twitter. His recent statement leads to the conclusion that he changed his phone recently: he swapped his older iPhone for an iPhone X, or a newer model, but he’s definitely not a fan of the buttonless design. He takes the lack of the Home button even worse than the average Apple user - I mean not a lot of users head to Twitter to draft a public message about their frustration, even mentioning Tim Cook, but Trump did exactly that. What a surprise. 



After the iPhone X’s debut in 2017, Apple has been only designing and producing phones with borderless, edge-to-edge displays; the iPhone 8 - iPhone 8 Plus were the last models with a physical Home button. Judging from his tweet, Trump only realised this design change now, and he’ definitely not a fan of it. 

According to The Verge, Trump has been using an iPhone since the March of 2017, and at that time, there were only iPhone models with Home buttons on the market. The President used an Android before that, but because of security reasons (and to honor one of the greatest American companies) he started using a device produced by Apple. It’s lucky that he doesn’t miss the 3.5-mm jack port that much, because that has been missing from Apple’s phones since the debut of the iPhone 7 (but most of the Android-based phonemakers also started to ditch it nowadays). This probably means that America’s first man also uses a pair of wireless headphones instead of wired ones, he is probably listening to the Anthem of the United States on a pair of AirPods (or whatever else the President is listening to). 


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